Leading the new trend of NFTs metaverse social.

We always believe that excellent NFTs works are not only on behalf of digital art collections, but also represent a community’s culture spirit. Therefore, 7s wants to create a harmonious community where oriental and western cultures can tolerate, understand and grow together. To build a shared future for beings and protect earth.

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The first NFT avatars of Chinese panda

The digital fusion of Chinese national treasure panda and western cola culture is a carrier selected carefully. An 8 million years old species called living fossil, a kind of best drink for the young who against fashion and tradition, their meetup will be standout. It’s expected to be the living fossil of crypto industry. Let’s make a difference together in NFTs industry.

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PandaCola NFT (PCNFT) is a Binance Smart Chain-based reward governance token. The total supply of PCNFT was issued for 100,000,000. It won’t be increased any more. The PCNFT is used for philanthropy and rewarding the fans who supports and promotes Seven Star team's NFTs projects. The distribution of PCNFT are promotion and operation pool (90%), liquidity mining pool (10%) and project foundation (0%).

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About 7stars

7stars team

The Seven Star team is composed of the world's top geeks, artists, technique experts and operation experts. They have been deeply involved in the crypto field for many years and believe in the ideas of digital art and metaverse. Our team is donated ourselves to help NFT works have more application scenarios except collection and display. In the future, we will develop more NFTs application scenarios as well. Eventually, there will be an NFTs ecosystem with multi-field synergy based on NFT + DeFi + Gamefi + development.

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★ Sep. 2021, PandaCola series NFTs avatars INO.
★ Q4 2021,launch trading platform for 7s exclusive NFTs.
★ Q1.Q2 2021, cooperate with chain-game of Metaverse.
★ Q3.Q4 2021,Launch mini-games for 7s series NFTs.
★ 2023, airdrop exclusive NFTs to 7s die-hard fans.
★ Keep creating 7s series exquisite NFTs
★ Make ourselves to be the first-class NFTs comprehensive platform for issuing and trading.

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road map


The whitepaper is a detailed report of NFTs research. It deeply introduces the definition, development, market, value, investment and other knowledge related to NFTs. Clarifies the project planning, roadmap, series works, token distribution and introduction of seven stars team. We hope the NFT industry can continuously develop and bring positive impacts to the progress of human society. Imagining of the coming vast metaverse, it’s the beginning!

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